Base include file for SimpleTest.

Class Description
 class SimpleTagBuilder Creates tags and widgets given HTML tag attributes.
 class SimpleTag HTML or XML tag.
 class SimpleBaseTag Base url.
 class SimpleTitleTag Page title.
 class SimpleAnchorTag Link.
 class SimpleWidget Form element.
 class SimpleTextTag Text, password and hidden field.
 class SimpleSubmitTag Submit button as input tag.
 class SimpleImageSubmitTag Image button as input tag.
 class SimpleButtonTag Submit button as button tag.
 class SimpleTextAreaTag Content tag for text area.
 class SimpleUploadTag File upload widget.
 class SimpleSelectionTag Drop down widget.
 class MultipleSelectionTag Drop down widget.
 class SimpleOptionTag Option for selection field.
 class SimpleRadioButtonTag Radio button.
 class SimpleCheckboxTag Checkbox widget.
 class SimpleTagGroup A group of multiple widgets with some shared behaviour.
 class SimpleCheckboxGroup A group of tags with the same name within a form.
 class SimpleRadioGroup A group of tags with the same name within a form.
 class SimpleLabelTag Tag to keep track of labels.
 class SimpleFormTag Tag to aid parsing the form.
 class SimpleFrameTag Tag to aid parsing the frames in a page.
 require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/page.php') (line 12)

include SimpleTest files

 require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/encoding.php') (line 13)

include SimpleTest files

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