Abstract Class SimpleResult


A single test result.

  • abstract:

Located in /recorder.php (line 22)

Direct descendents
Class Description
 class SimpleResultOfPass A single pass captured for later.
 class SimpleResultOfFail A single failure captured for later.
 class SimpleResultOfException A single exception captured for later.
Variable Summary
 mixed $breadcrumb
 mixed $message
 mixed $time
Method Summary
 SimpleResult __construct (array $breadcrumb, string $message)
mixed $breadcrumb (line 24)
  • access: public
mixed $message (line 25)
  • access: public
mixed $time (line 23)
  • access: public
Constructor __construct (line 32)

Records the test result as public members.

SimpleResult __construct (array $breadcrumb, string $message)
  • array $breadcrumb: Test stack at the time of the event.
  • string $message: The messsage to the human.

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